Building companies and different contractors

Depending on project type, the size of building site, the craftsmen and professionals required for their specialization, we know how to choose the most suitable companies. Asking for comparative quotes (often determined by their workload and the current order book status) is important in order to provide the most appropriate response to the specifications.

A technical design office

This general contracting partner is essential because of assistance on the technical specificities of the design of the structure (concrete, metal or wood structures), fluids (plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, etc.) or acoustic part.

A network of estate agents and asset management firms.

When you want to buy a property for a new life project or for investment, Les Maisons Libres will pre-select some properties for you, organize pre-visits and provide you with optimized financing for both acquisition and the project, based on precise specifications.

A space designer and planner

He works in close partnership with Les Maisons Libres, conducts surveys of existing buildings and provides project plans. He offers a 3D project to enable you plan your project better. He compiles the preliminary work declaration documents and files applications for building permits.

An English-speaking partner

Given the attractiveness of our West Coast, our English-speaking partner is an essential link for spoken/written exchanges in English with foreign customers.

A lawyer specializing in business law

He draws up the contracts that bind the company to its customers. He also writes the contract between each building professional involved in the project and " Les Maisons Libres". This regulatory framework makes it possible to clearly identify the rights and obligations of each party, particularly as regards deadlines and budget, and provides for penalties in case of non-compliance with contractual clauses.

A caretaker service

For the comfort of their customers, we can provide a caretaker service for second-home owners. We call upon this service-provider in order to provide gardening, cleaning and, security services or even to prepare the house for the arrival of its owners.

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