You own a piece of land including a construction project or you have just acquired a house that needs to be expanded, Les Maisons Libres will handle your project in its entirety, taking into account the architectural constraints and strictly respecting the urban planning rules applicable in the area.

We will help you reflect on and plan your project. Whether it is the construction of a contemporary or more traditional house or the addition of a new adjoining part, we will assist you to meet your specifications both in terms of architecture and the choice of materials and types of services required. We work together with qualified and skilled companies covered by ten-year warranties, among others.

We will bring you our professional expertise and sound advice because you are unique just like your project !


Unlike a single-family home builder who, most of the time, will suggest that you choose your future residence from a catalog of predefined models, Les Maisons Libres, as its name indicates, prides itself on its ability to listen to your needs in order to plan your project together with you. You remain free to decide whether what you are offered is right for you.

Indeed, together we can find the right balance between your tastes, the construction authorized by law and regulations (local urban planning rules, etc.) and the configuration of the land (nature of the soil and subsoil). Moreover, we will adapt to your budget and present you with a project tailored to your need so that your project is not someone else's project.

We will offer you personalized assistance in order to make your project a pleasant experience. From the first appointment up to key handover, the construction of your house will pass through a succession of equally important phases for which proximity and availability are our watchwords and synonyms of comfort for you.



Expanding your house involves more or less the same steps as building a new house, only square meters and budget may sometimes differ.

As a Project Management Assistant, our mission is always divided into 3 phases:

  • prior to work execution: assessing your needs and providing you with technical information based on the answers obtained from the different contractors contacted
  • during the work: monitoring the progress of the work that you have delegated to us, allowing us to be your eyes and ears in your absence so that your project can be serenely implemented.


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Céline GUILLAUME - manageress
phone +33 6 21 19 79 35

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