Céline Guillaume, the manager of Les Maisons Libres, is the daughter of a building contractor and has a real passion for construction, more especially in the field of renovation.
She has been immersed in the world of craftsmanship since her earliest childhood and knows all the workings and pitfalls of a construction site that is not always as easy to manage as it seems since it brings together a large number of different professionals. Without going through a professional coordinator, some individuals find themselves totally helpless in the face of delays on their building site, not to mention budget overruns which can become scary. Too often the beautiful dream of a life can turn into a real nightmare!

In view of this reality, Céline Guillaume decided to create "Les Maisons Libres" in 2011, in order to defend the interests of project owners and provide them with a secure framework by positioning herself as a true professional and benevolent project manager.

A tried-and-tested method, a well-crafted project in 3 key phases


1Prior to work commencement, we study your needs and desires.

The development of precise specifications is a prerequisite. For this, Les Maisons Libres takes, in situ, an inventory of your needs and then sends you a proposal for customized assistance, with advice on how to implement your project. Based on the specifications previously drawn up, we select in a very strict manner the professionals on whom we can rely to provide a service that meets your expectations. These companies MUST present their up-to-date ten-year insurance certificate. We then study their quotes and check their consistency in order to prepare a clear, detailed and comprehensible preliminary study for you, which allows you to modify your request if necessary. We present you with a finalized detailed study, with a plan and sketch so that you can better understand the final result of your project. A schedule will be obtained for you before work commencement and signed by the contracting parties. This schedule is signed by building professionals as a commitment to be legally defended in case of litigation.

2During your renovation work, we are your eyes and ears.

As we are always in contact with the professionals on your construction site, we defend your interests throughout the duration of your project. Since we are present at each site meeting and regularly on site, we monitor every work phase and check that your wishes are respected; we ensure that work goes on smoothly on the site, that deadlines are respected and that there are no unforeseen technical problems resulting in budget overruns. In this specific case, late payment penalties are imposed on companies in the contract concluded from the outset between Les Maisons Libres and construction companies. Moreover, we set up a personal collaborative platform through which you are informed in real time about the progress of the work. Via this digital platform, you will be able to access all your project details in a single file (reports, photos, quotes, invoices and administrative documents).

3After receiving your site, we check your satisfaction level for each item.

One month after the start of your work, we organize a meeting to check and ensure that your work complies with the specifications. At this stage, we make sure that you are satisfied with the quality of the work done. Since responsiveness and availability are an integral part of our commitments, we undertake to meet all your requests and to answer any question within 48 hours.

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email: contact@lesmaisonslibres.com
Céline GUILLAUME - manageress
phone +33 6 21 19 79 35

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